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I stumbled across Peters company online, his products caught my eye, and I'm so glad that I did. CellarDine is a family run business, who develop award winning innovative designs. They supply to the big boys like Amazon, Lakeland, Asda, Groupon and many more, so I was pleased as punch that he wanted to work with little old me. 

Fun fact - I have always been a massive kitchen gadget fan, and often would be found browsing the shelves in Lakeland looking at all the innovative kitchen gismos, Who knew that many of those were created by Peters company Cellardine? 

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Stanlake Park Wine Estate

I first discovered Stanlake Park Winery in September 2020, when I arranged a winery tour and wine tasting for a few Winos from the group. We chose Stanlake Park as it is local to where the vast majority of the group live. What a pleasant surprise! A beautiful winery with old buildings encasing a gorgeous garden where you can sit in the sunshine, enjoying wine and nibbles purchased from the fabulous shop. 

Natalia was so enthusiastic and her energy made the tour so interesting and fun. Her husband, Nico runs the winery with her, and we all had such good vibes from them, I decided that I wanted to support them in future events that I plan to arrange.

Stanlake Park grow and produce their own grapes and wine, which make them a winery, and not just a vineyard.  

Fun fact, Natalia is a qualified vet! 


Daws Hill Vineyard & Winery

Daws Hill Vineyard is a small family run, second generation vineyard and winery in Radnage, Buckinghamshire. Originally planted in 2004 and extended in 2007, specialising in Sparkling wines and ciders.

We grow classic Champagne grapes, Pinot noir, Pinot meunier and Chardonnay on our south facing slope. Each year we hand pick our grapes to ensure only the finest quality vintage.

  All our wines our made on site in our converted stables winery, which is unusual for our size vineyard - 5000 vines. This gives us the ultimate control over every stage, meaning we can make sure each bottle is lovingly cared for. Many of the processes still done by hand and in the traditional way.

 Our wines are a blend of the classic champagne grapes and made in the traditional method, aged on the lees for a minimum of 2 years.

At the Thames and Chilterns Vineyard Association we have won best sparkling wines for 3 years in a row.
In 2019, the 2013 Sparkling White wine won the Gold and the Best overall wine and our 2013 Rose won a silver award.

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Cider Is Wine

Cider is Wine is asking drinkers – and wine drinkers in particular –  to take a new look at cider and to put aside bad memories of early youth to discover what are sophisticated, elegant and delicious drinks with a rightful place alongside wine.

As well as their 100% not-from-concentrate apple and pear content, all these ciders are naturally lower in alcohol – indeed, on average about half the alcohol of most wines – as well as being gluten free and, in the vast majority of cases, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Tasting is believing – watch this space for some exciting events coming your way!

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